How to Keep Long-Term Goals in Mind

Are you tired of sabotaging your own best interests and intentions when it comes to weight loss?

What’s Your food Trap?

Every week, I have women tell me that while they really know what to do and how to eat to be healthy and slim, they continue to do things that are not remotely in their long-term best interests. Things like eating on the run, grabbing poor quality fast food, having too many glasses of wine, eating chocolate mindlessly in front of the TV or ordering a muffin with coffee when they’re not really hungry. We know it’s not wise – but we do it anyway. Buy online from NHS Heroes at

Delay Immediate Gratification

In my experience, knowledge alone is not enough to create permanent change. We need to fundamentally change our attitudes, beliefs and habits around food and learn to delay immediate gratification for the sake of our long term best interests.

So often what we do is choose immediate gratification over larger long-term payoffs and we rationalize our behaviour by telling ourselves we’ll do better tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes.

Learn to Defer Pleasure

The problem is as a society, we’ve become so geared towards immediate gratification that it can be difficult to defer pleasure. This is why it’s so important to have healthy boundaries, set by you, because you know they are part of good self-caretaking.

Set HealthyBoundaries

For example – I never eat in front of the TV, because I always end up mindlessly eating and missing the enjoyment of the food – but this is something I can live with permanently because I know it serves me well in the long term. I consider the consequences of my actions and believe that it’s not worth eating in front of the TV as it leads to overeating.

Choose Your Moments

For some it may be they have trouble stopping at one piece of chocolate or one glass of wine. A solution can be to allocate certain days for wine or chocolate and decide how much you are going to have before you start – while keeping your long term goals in mind. Then respect the boundary you have set and enjoy them without guilt.

Remind yourself that forgoing immediate gratification for long-term reward is the only way out of food traps. It’s not about going without, but about setting healthy boundaries you can live with while at the same time always considering the consequences of your actions.